The following poem was written by a victim of abuse shortly after her escape from abuse. It is printed here by her permission. She is a wonderful angel who has been scarred severely. Not simple wounds that heal with time, but numbing pains which tear deep into the depths of her very soul. Part of her will never recover. I only hope and pray that there is enough left in her to one day find happiness. For now, she is free, getting help, and no longer being abused. She still lives with fear.

In the midst of my heartache,
All is well.
I am enveloped in a storm raging round about me;
I should be swept away by the whirlwinds of sadness,
Yet, here I stand!
The cold, bitter bite of self hatred,
Long would have been my demise,
Yet, here I stand!
The deafening thunder bolts of abuse,
Not knowing when they would strike,
Should have brought me to my knees,
Yet, here I stand!
The torrential demoralizing words pelting down on me,
That would burn deeper than any lightning,
Yet, here I stand! The storm is not within me anymore.
I am not the weak vessel perceived by the storm.
I realize now, that I am standing.
Thank God that I can stand!
I pray to God that I may learn to walk!

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